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Unusual accommodation

The toue cabanée is a wooden habitat on water which offers a unique view on nature thanks to its large glass doors.
The warmth of the wood and the cozy layout make you feel relaxed and rested and offer an exceptional privacy.
The toue cabanée experience is a bit like traveling through time close to nature with a change of scenery guaranteed.

Ecological accommodation

The toue cabanée is a product which respects the environment:
- With the way it is conceived: use of natural material, water paint and varnish (no toxins) et second hand material.
- By its use: good thermal and phonic insulation to reduce consumption, clean and silent motorization.
Finally, the toue cabanée is a product which blends with its surroundings, she doesn’t spoil the scenery.

History and culture

We wanted to bring the toue cabanée back to life and renovate it. This boat which used to be used for fishing or for transporting merchandise, used to be used one hundred years ago on the Loire River.
Often the toues cabanées where only used once, at their arrival, their merchandise was sold then they were taken apart and the wood was used for roof structures for example.

Toue cabanee

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